Thursday, 26 January 2012

A Squash & A Squeeze

A bit of an epic fail today. I sat very tired last night stitching together the front of my i-Pad cover. I hand stitched this afternoon the front and the back whilst the twins played with their new My Little Pony toys from Sophie & Aunty Lianne *mwahhh* (thank you both so much - it kept my sanity this afternooon!!!)

This evening I again sat at my machine & it all started to go a little Pete Tonge. Firstly I stitched the front upside down. No biggie - I decided I could live with the patchwork towards the bottom rather than at the top of the pouch. Then I forgot to topstitch around the zip. This is the zip, by the way, which I had to stitch ends on to 3 times before I could get the iPad to slip easily through it - I should have foreseen the iminent problems there & then.

My precious grey & white dot by Michael Millar - love this print - must find more!
My straight line quilting - so happy with this & how it looked
Hand quilting with my gorgeous perle no. 8 cottons on my precious FQ of natural linen I had been coveting
I should have realised when I started to sew that I had sewn & hidden the zipper ends with my 1/4" seams (can you see where this is going???)

I definitely should have realised when I turned it all the right way around & realised just how much "space" the wadding takes up

Yep - you got it - the iPad doesn't fit in it - I didn't give myself enough wiggle room.

Well, it does fit in if I really force it but it's nowhere near ideal. I think I shall take it with me to LA this time around but I will definitely have to make another upon my return

Gah! I am so frustrated with myself. I was so worried it would be too roomy and the Pad would slip around inside I obviously didn't give enough thought to the fact that it could be too small

Epic fail! Please reassure me that I'm not alone in making such mistakes???


Flying Blind... said...

Oh Sarah!!
If it fits, just, it's not a total fail, and it looks gorgeous!
But there is no such thing as too many pouches. Is it the zip that i the problem or the inside space? Maybe the wadding will squidge down a bit to make more room.

Diane-crewe said...

mark it up as what NOT to do ever again!! Find a new use for your wonderful bag...and start again xx (we ALL do this ...DO NOT believe the person who says it goes right every time xx)

Kelly said...

I have done it countless times! It's a gorgeous pouch :). I just got some of the ta dot in stone from pink castle fabrics :)

Paskiaq said...

I did the exact same thing with a case I was making for my husband's tablet, and I used my heavily hoarded echino fabric, so I can totally relate!