Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Self Indulgent!

Last night I finally cut into my much coveted Joel Dewberry Heirloom in Citrine. This is a range I had been lusting after for some time until a moment of weekness on a Saturday morning saw me trawling several online shops to gather all the pieces in the collection. I have had them stacked here in the lounge for just over a week now winking at me but I've not brought myself to actually make that first cut. So, last night I did. Okay I only cut 1 1/2" strips  so that I could make my very own mug rug but the first cut is always the hardest, isn't it??!

Not very original - same pattern as the last mug rug but with less dense quilting. I will do another with denser quilting too - not sure which look I prefer yet.

What next? A cushion, perhaps? I want to use these fabrics to accent our lounge this year so am thinking cushions, pots, quilt & mug rugs.............maybe a runner for the sideboard too, or is that a fabric item too far???


Anonymous said...

Your mug rug is super cute! I have had my eye on Joel Dewberry's line for some time. My brother got married last year in November and his wedding colors were Orange & Blue. The Citrine would be perfect to make the newlyweds a quilt for their first anniversary.

Flying Blind... said...

I love it!
Oh I would make sofa covers and carpets with that Heirloom, so noting is too much for me!

Diane-crewe said...

can there ever be TOO manny fabric items?.... I dont think so xx