Friday, 19 August 2011

Joel Dewberry HST is finished!

I finally finished! I quilted 1/2" around each of the squares (the outside and inside of each) and then spent an evening or two tying off and burying the loose threads. I think it was worth it, though. I used the Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow navy herringbone fabric for the binding again and am pleased I did - it seems to be the perfect frame for this quilt.

Look at that dark sky!!! It's supposed to be our summer

Close up of the quilting stitches

The back

Shows off the quilting pattern a little better
We're off to North West Wales tomorrow for a week with the family - my sister & her three are going, as are mum & dad and we have a lovely house on the coast booked. Can't wait! Let's just hope our British Summer improves somewhat.............

I have packed my "Boy's Story" stitcheries to keep me occupied during the evening. I am hoping to get quite a bit more done - this quilt has gone stale and needs to get back on track!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Ticking & Cotton from Fabrics Galore
 I had the most  amazing time at the Festival of Quilts on Friday. Despite promises not to spend too much and to simply go and have a look, I came home with very very heavy bags and a very light purse *rolleyes*. Will I ever learn? But then who can resist things like these???
Half metres of extra wide linen prints from Totally Patched
 I definitely want to get some more of these linens. I spied that Courtney at Seamstar has these at a fantastic price so I think I shall be purchasing a few more
A rainbow of solids from Simply Solids
 Unfortunately Mandy was not around when we called in at Simply Solids but her hard working husband(??) was there to help us out. I bagged me a rainbow of FQ's plus some dark grey for a quilt top appearing here soon. My mind actually went blank when I got there as to what I had intended to buy, so watch out Simply Solids - I am sure another order will be coming your way very very soon!!
Cosmo embroidery threads from The Eternal Maker
Threads were definitely the order of the day. As well as these beautiful Cosmo threads (which I have heard wonderful things about) I also treated myself to a fabulous presentation case of Aurifil embroidery threads - great for all the hand quilting I intend on doing. These are just some of my purchases - more were made but I can't admit to just how much I bought so will leave it there *blushes*

Thank you so much, Julie & Lesley, for an absolutely fabulous day. I am now brimming with new ideas and enthusiasm for my WIP's

Oh and I may just have signed up to another Block of the Month - one for Amelia this time *grins*

So, I will leave it at that and go back to finishing the binding on my Joel Dewberry quilt so that can be another ticked off the list!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

PJ's for my lil' boy!

What a poser!
A while back, I started making dresses for Amelia & I could see James' jealousy so set about making him some PJ bottoms. I used a pair of his trousers to trace a pattern & went on from there. I was nervous about making my own pattern so used a cotton sheet I picked up cheap at a charity shop and then added a trim of my "good" cotton to the bottom. I was pleased with the way they turned out and they have, since then, languished in his drawer (he's not much for wearing PJ's and tends to favour ones I've bought from America in the past when he does wear them). However, tonight, he decided he wanted to wear these ones, much to my delight. So, I asked him if I could take a pic before he lay down, which he was very pleased with. And here he is. As you can see - he is about as good as his sister is at posing for photos. I took 6 and these two were the best!!!

And Amelia, not wanting to be outdone by her brother, insisted she get in on the photography action too............

They are both such gigglers when they're tired. I love it!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Picnic Quilt = Done!

Just before I jetted off to Chicago a couple of weeks ago, I managed to finish the pinic quilt. It is already well used, which is nice. I had briefly considered doing it 5 blocks by 5 blocks but am so pleased I didn't now - it fits nicely on the lounge floor as it is - any bigger & I don't think it would have done

I finished off by quilting in straight lines, approx. 3 cm apart. It was harder than I imagined it would be but I am very, very pleased I gave it a go. I got a couple of tiny puckers in there but who'll notice on a quilt this big? The kids love having picnics on it - we've even had a couple of indoor ones. They do seem to eat their tea much better when on a picnic quilt - must be the novelty!
the front

the back
I am not entirely sure how much quilting is going to be done today - we were out celebrating last night and I am suffering today. We managed to get the kids their school shoes, trainers & pumps from Clark's this morning & some bits of shopping but the rest can wait!

Happy weekend everyone xxx

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

4 Plus 4...............

Progress is being made on my LynneBobSquarePants quilt - 4 blocks down making me 1/4 of the way through................why oh why does it seem like a good idea at the time, but once you get down to the nitty gritty, it's an awful lot of work. One block wasn't so bad...............but 16??? What was I thinking?!! Should've stuck to the original idea of a cushion!! Still, it will be a pretty awesome quilt once it's finished. I am loving the colours in it and it will be a nice size once done (72" x 72")

I shall persevere!

Happy Wednesday!

S x