Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Parisville is finished

The binding is now on the Parisville quilt and James has well and truly claimed it as his. He really is mummy's little helper at the moment. I took it outside to photograph and he was so excited. He ran back in to grab his camera whilst I managed to quickly snap a few pics of it on the line. He appeared with his camera and started wittering away in his "official" voice (it goes about an octave lower when he's speaking about something important - like he's the authority on it *cute*). I managed to grab some pics of him doing his job............

Deep breath "I can do this"

Look at that concentration!

Patting the quilt to check it's okay and in the right position *love*

Getting a close up
And here is the finished article. The hand quilting was painstacking but it's left it beautifully soft & snuggly and I think it was worth it now. I am even growing to love the subtlty of the white thread used for the hand stitching - there was a point where I wished that I had used a contrasting thread but clean, crisp white is definitely the right choice. I used Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow herringbone print in navy for the binding:

The front

The back
Back to some TV watching - this cold is still wiping me out!


Sheila said...

You wouldn't think we'd need quilts in May! Looks like you have this finished just in time - it really does look snuggly, cute pics.

Clair said...

Lovely, lovely quilt!