Monday, 23 May 2011


I fell in love with a Half Square Triangle quilt a few months ago and have been dying to try it out. First I cut the squares a month or more ago and left them to one side. Then at the weekend I found time to draw the pencil lines along the white squares and left them to one side. Sunday evening I stitched along either side of the pencil lines *which took forever* and set them to one side. I then cut along the pencil line of each one (as shown above), set up the iron and steamed them all open away from the white *which took forever*

 This evening, I have spent the entire night trimming these HST's to 5 1/2" square *which is taking forever*. I have a rather neat pile of 5 1/2" square HST's plus an ever growing pile of trimmings and an ever bluntening rotary blade. These quilts are not "quick wins" but I am hoping it will be worth it! I certainly do like the design of it. I will need another few hours tomorrow evening of trimming before I can lay them out and start sewing them together.........perseverence!

In other news, this cold appears to be turning into a nasty ear infection (I had a perforated ear drum a few years ago - not nice - and this feels like it is going the same way) so I may well be seeing my GP tomorrow for some anti-b's. Fingers crossed sleep & ibuprofen do the job, though

With the UK getting battered by high winds, I hope you are keeping safe & warm xx

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Angie @ craftedAngles said...

I wonder if there is a 5.5 inch square ruler that would help with the trimming. Looking good though!