Saturday, 6 August 2011

Picnic Quilt = Done!

Just before I jetted off to Chicago a couple of weeks ago, I managed to finish the pinic quilt. It is already well used, which is nice. I had briefly considered doing it 5 blocks by 5 blocks but am so pleased I didn't now - it fits nicely on the lounge floor as it is - any bigger & I don't think it would have done

I finished off by quilting in straight lines, approx. 3 cm apart. It was harder than I imagined it would be but I am very, very pleased I gave it a go. I got a couple of tiny puckers in there but who'll notice on a quilt this big? The kids love having picnics on it - we've even had a couple of indoor ones. They do seem to eat their tea much better when on a picnic quilt - must be the novelty!
the front

the back
I am not entirely sure how much quilting is going to be done today - we were out celebrating last night and I am suffering today. We managed to get the kids their school shoes, trainers & pumps from Clark's this morning & some bits of shopping but the rest can wait!

Happy weekend everyone xxx


Angelfish said...

This looks fabulous Sarah:) I love the colour combination you've used. Hope the head is better soon xx

Lisa said...

Gorgeous, Sarah and I love the little patch on the back too!

Well done, how's the next one going? ;-)

Helsbells said...

Absolutely love the colours against the grey and the little touches on the back are inspired :) Gorgeous! I think I'd be having lots of picnics too if I had a blanket as cute as this.

Lynz said...

That's a FABULOUS quilt! We love out picnic quilt, they're just so handy! I hope your head recovers!

Kirsty brown said...

Love this quilt. I think the grey looks fab.