Tuesday, 9 August 2011

PJ's for my lil' boy!

What a poser!
A while back, I started making dresses for Amelia & I could see James' jealousy so set about making him some PJ bottoms. I used a pair of his trousers to trace a pattern & went on from there. I was nervous about making my own pattern so used a cotton sheet I picked up cheap at a charity shop and then added a trim of my "good" cotton to the bottom. I was pleased with the way they turned out and they have, since then, languished in his drawer (he's not much for wearing PJ's and tends to favour ones I've bought from America in the past when he does wear them). However, tonight, he decided he wanted to wear these ones, much to my delight. So, I asked him if I could take a pic before he lay down, which he was very pleased with. And here he is. As you can see - he is about as good as his sister is at posing for photos. I took 6 and these two were the best!!!

And Amelia, not wanting to be outdone by her brother, insisted she get in on the photography action too............

They are both such gigglers when they're tired. I love it!


Rachael Elliott said...

Looks like you have done a great job with the pjs Sarah :) he looks really pleased with them!

Crafty Feeling said...

so like their daddy and mummy respectively xxx such little darlings give them a big kiss for me