Monday, 9 January 2012

Charity Shop Shopping

I popped to the local Charity Shop this morning to drop off some books I'd grudgingly cleared out this weekend (cookbooks - I have too many but find it so very hard to part with them!). Just look at what they had in! Scrumptious pillowcases & sheets/duvet covers which are just perfect for making market bags. I might just make one up this evening

Another grey day here - when's the sun going to come out to play?


Flying Blind... said...

What a bunch of lucky finds!!!

Lynz said...

I never find anything good like this in the charities!! And it is atill BLACK here today - that's been about a month since we saw the sun!

Strawberry Patch said...

What a fantastic haul! I am lucky if I pick up the odd sheet or two. I have 2 vintage ones in my stash right now and a funky modern ikea type print in purple I just couldnt resisit, I love them for quilt backing, sooo cheap!