Friday, 27 January 2012

I just couldn't do it!

I just couldn't take that too tight iPad case to America with me. I hate flying - everything on my body swells & I get tetchy - Lianne will tell you! After the flight back from New York, I couldn't even get my boots back on my feet! So, I just knew that trying to squeeze my iPad back into it's too tight case would quite possibly tip me over the edge!

So, in between filing VAT & Tax returns, packing cases, wrapping gifts, taking my little man to football & tying up other loose ends, I found a couple of hours to whip another up

It's still not quite perfect, but it's close enough and more importantly, the iPad fits in nice & snug without being too tight or too loose. Win!

So, tomorrow morning at 7.30am I begin my mamouth treck to the West Coast of the US of A which should see us arriving in Anaheim at around 5 am UK time. Fun fun fun! It will all be worth it, though

Catch in a week!


Danny said...

Anaheim?? Going to Disneyland?

Diane-crewe said...

have a safe journey xx

Flying Blind... said...

You will have left by now - but have fun xxx

PS - Love the new pouch xxx

danielle monique said...

Have a safe trip! You can't make something that cute and not have instructions. Can you put the instructions on your blog? Pretty please! I don't have a iPad but have friends that do and they'd love this as a gift. :)

Rachael Elliott said...

Loving the ipad case Sarah!