Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Little Pot

I hadn't realised that I'd not yet shared this pot. I have made a few of these (see here for another I made). I made it last year, using scraps (which is great) and linen (which I adore) and straight line quilting (which is new to me and I enjoyed). We use it to keep cleaning cloths for our 3D glasses, remote controls, some tins of mints have made their way in there.....

It's just a great little pot to keep everything tidy in 

And soon I will be making another because since making my Lynnebobsquarepants quilt which is being hand quilted, and since spending a small fortune on Joel Dewberry Heirloom in Citrine (a lot by the yard!!!!) I have come to the realisation that aqua, turquoise and grey are the new green in our house (never thought I would say that!!) so our accessories in our very neutral oak and beige room are slowly being changed to those colours - see that vase in the background with the orange flowers? That's the first new thing to arrive :D