Monday, 23 January 2012

Getting Started...................

I've made a start on my zippy pouch for my partner. It's been a fun process stalking her & getting to know her likes. I really hope I've got it right. I've gone for jewel tones on Osnaburg with some hand stitching thrown into the mix. The above picture shows my fabric choices. It was fun pulling these out of my stash. These seemed to really divide the group. Some loving and others liking just a selection of my choices. It never ceases to amaze me how different everyones taste is even when there is a common love.

I couldn't resist cutting into them straight away - I had an idea of what I wanted for the front and this is how it came together

I don't know why it always looks so skew in the pictures - it really isn't IRL!! 

I sat up until late last night making up this panel & hand stitching the lime green perle cotton (no. 8) on each of the Osnaburg strips. The panel measures approx. 8" square so will make around a 7 1/2" square pouch

It has been stitched onto a scrap of Warm & Natural wadding to give the pouch a bit of stability and to add texture. Hopefully these two "polaroid" pictures (found that function on Picasa and couldn't resist - cute, eh?) show the texture the hand stitching adds a bit more.

I will probably add some more machine quilting around the edges on the Osnaburg before putting the pouch together.  Now to the back. I have a few more ideas but am not sure whether I'll get to them before we go to CHA in LA on Saturday morning. We'll see - this project sure does seem to be all consuming to me at the moment!!

Whaddya think? Would you like a zippy pouch with this on the front??


Diane-crewe said...

looking good... I am at the ideas stage. I will not finish my rota of nights until plenty of time to PLAN xx Its fun to have a partner to focus on at last xx

Flying Blind... said...

I love it xxx

Jen said...

This is gorgeous Sarah, love all the colours & the stripes!

WandaFish said...

I would absolutely love a zippy pouch with that panel on the front!
Gorgeous work, Sarah :)