Sunday, 22 January 2012

I'm a Mouthy Stitcher!

I'm so excited to be part of this swap on Flickr! It's my first handmade swap and I am rather nervous but very excited at the prospect of making something specifically for someone else - someone else who I don't even know!

As instructed, I created a mosaic of zipper pouches and styles that interested me, here:

And in preparation, as my partner is being decided this weekend, I decided to whip up a quick zipper pouch as a practise run for the kids' Zooble toys which are slowly being distributed throughout the house
 This pouch measures approximately 8 1/2" square
 Made using scraps of Birch fabrics from a scrap pack purchased from Fabricworm (will definitely buy one of those again - fabulous value and huge "scraps" - all full width of bolt)
 The inside square measures 5" before sewing, so this would make an ideal pouch for use with fabric charms - something I shall bear in mind
 I love the contrast of the orange with the turquoise
The other fabric used is Osnaburg. I love love LOVE this for cheapness (we sell it in the shop for just £2.45 a half yard) - it reminds me of linen without the price tag!

And of course I had to do some hand stitching around the outside of the machine quilting. It just wouldn't feel right if I hadn't!

And now this homes their Zoobles and will be deposited in James' room ready for the morning. I know he will love it :D And we're all excited because Daddy will be back from his skiing trip tomorrow afternoon & we are looking forward to seeing him. Guess I'd best get to bed before it's time to be up again!


WandaFish said...

Well I'd be delighted to receive this in the swap! Not that I'm trying to steal your kids Zoobles home or anything!

Sarah said...

Ooh I do like your pouch!

Flying Blind... said...

Great practice run!