Monday, 10 January 2011

Red & Turquoise

Red & turquoise go together like bread and jam. I don't know what it is - whenever I see this colour combination, it just looks right. I was determined to make a quilt using these colours, so when my Christmas present purchases started arriving, including a little collection of turquoise and red fat quarters from Fabricworm I knew it was time to start

I had bookmarked the Old Red Barn Quilt Along some time ago - the wonky log cabin had caught my eye. For some reason, it scared me. I think it was not having a clear pattern to follow that was the problem. Instructions, I can follow - having to make my own decisions (other than those on which fabrics etc)..........? I'm not so confident about that. The tutorial from Quilt Dad was fantastic, though

So, I put my big girls pants on, grabbed the fabric and the iron and pressed it all. When that was all done, I cut off the selvedges of the fabric (soooo many fabulous projects out there using selvedges I just have to keep them now!) and proceeded to cut all 16 FQ's into strips of 3", 2 1/2", 2" and 1 1/2". I then took a deep breath and started sewing. And when I did, I wondered what I was actually so scared about! Here are the three blocks I made last night (each measuring 12 1/2")

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3
Not entirely sure how many blocks I am going to make but I am enjoying the process


Rachel said...

how did you know they are just the colours of my new kitchen, thanks sarah :) xx

Lindsay Conner said...

LOVE red and turquoise. Those blocks are looking great! A block that's all white might look really cool with those, too. :)

Leila said...

Great! I learned how to make wonky log cabins from the ORBCQA too. They are now one of my favorite blocks. Yours are looking Awesome!

Chelley said...

I love the fabric with the little birds. Do you happen to know the name or manufacturer?