Thursday, 6 January 2011

Free Motion Quilting

Last night, the back for my Unfurnished Quilt was pieced and basted and today, before work, I got on with the quilting. Stippling again for this one. I did toy with the idea of hand quilting around each of the squares in a co-ordinating thread but decided this quilt would look better stippled. So the sewing commenced.

I left the quilt in the machine with the hope of carrying on this evening but work took over and I have only just finished.  There are two reasons I am not now continuing with it:

- I have no energy left to quilt (Lianne & I had a rather energetic session of "Let's Dance 2" on the Wii before lunch to power up for a heafty paperwork session this afternoon and the aches have started!!)
- The photo below should show the second reason - the black mass to the left behind my machine is, infact, our 13 yr old black & white cat, Phoebe, who has decided that the quilt is a far more comfortable place to sleep than anywhere else in the house - typical!

The part quilted pieced quilt back

Phoebe napping on my quilt behind my machine - not much chance of continuing with that this evening!
We are forecast snow again for the morning - hoping it's not too bad. Still, no need to go out - kids are not in nursery and we have plenty of food in. Lazy day for us!!


Cathy C said...

you have the patience of a saint! wish I had the confidence to try this, you work so fast too!

Chic Quilt Geek said...

Haha I'm not fast Cathy - I just don't sleep ;)

You must try - it really isn't as hard as you would think it would be

Lynz said...

Your stippling is lovely and even, Chic! This will be another winner, I reckon!

Rachel said...

wow thats beautiful sarah x