Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Block of The Month

I signed up for a block of the month in October (it actually started in August) and since then, have been receiving the most beautiful parcels of fabric & threads and instructions. I have poured over the instructions, the pattern (which I adore - from Hatched & Patched called "A Boy's Story"), have started a couple of the needle turn applique panels, but had yet to start actually "doing". I think I was enjoying the "Modern Quilting" thing too much and this is so totally different.

I have been a little under the weather this week - the start of a cold,  I think, so didn't feel quite so inspired & wanted to simply follow a pattern. So, for the past couple of nights, I have embroidered, turned with a needle some more, cut, ironed, sewn and squinted at a not so good picture to work out which fabric goes where & this is where I'm at..............

It's my first attempt at needle turning applique and so far, it's blooming hard! I will persevere, though. Hopefully it will get easier. The pattern is gorgeous - am making it for James for a big boy's quilt - as he's only 3 I suspect I shall wait until he's a little older. I think this will be hand quilted too so it may be a few years before it's finished anyway!!

So now, I need to find an equally gorgeous pictoral quilt for Amelia (Also 3). Any suggestions??


Rachael said...

Sarah this is going to look fab when it is finished! I am sure James will love it :)

Cathy C said...

Fabulous Sarah!! I'm after doing this one myself for Henry!