Sunday, 16 January 2011

Busy few days!

I've been incredibly busy in my job which is always a blessing in January. This has left me wiped out come the evening, however, and less sewing has been done this week.

That said, I have started stitching the comic strips to go on James' Block of the Month quilt. Boy, this is going to take a looooooooooooooong time! That said, it's nice to have something to curl up infront of the telly and do without having to haul out machines, cutting mats, rulers, iron & ironing board etc etc each night

My stitching is straight - honest - The photo was rather rushed this evening..........

Yesterday I had the urge to finally paint J & A's table & chair set from good ole' IKEA. So, I nipped to Homebase and got the necessary paint etc and this is the result (have to say am rather pleased with this!!)

They are also very pleased with their new table, although every time I wipe up after food, James asks me if I'm trying to wipe the paint off - so cute.

Finally, look what came in the post for me Friday:

Tulla Pink's Parisville. I loved this line but simply could NOT justify buying any more fabric after my spending spree. So, I settled for a Jelly Roll. Am sure I can make something nice out of it - I have a few ideas up my this space!!

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Vanessa said...

The table and chair look the same as mine (from ikea) and you've done a far better job of the painting. It looks fantastic. :)x