Saturday, 8 January 2011

New Stash

We decided not to buy each other Christmas Presents this year (we both have birthdays relatively close to Christmas and didn't really have anything we neeeeeeded). I did, however, warn my husband that I would be doing a "little bit" of fabric stash shopping

It's all started arriving now. I think I am too ashamed to show you all of it (it never seems as much when you are ordering collections online!!) but here are some of the pieces to arrive so far.................

Just some of my dots - I have a bit of a thing for dots - and they are fabulous as binding, I have found

Both of these are Patty Young Sanctuary fabrics - they are delicious and so soft to the touch (remind me of the Patricia Bravo fabrics I have worked with recently). This bottom picture reminds me - going through my stash I definitely have a thing for blues & greens (green being my absolute favourite colour)

My mind is whirring with ideas. Which one to choose.......................!


Lynz said...

Ooh, what a lovely lot of fabrics! I have a lot of greens, it's my favourite colour! Spots and stripes are my favourite bindings, too.

Cathy C said...

ooooooooooo!! I love the blues & greens & the spots Sarah! Gosh you are addicted to this craft girl!