Monday, 24 January 2011

Crazy Nine Patch Blocks

I mean - why finish a quilt when you can start a new one? I'm not really feeling the wonky log cabin blocks and have a mountain of fabrics in my drawer (I went a little mad at Christmas *gulp*) and kept looking at the Crazy Nine Patch block on the Oh, Fransson! blog. I chose rather masculine fabrics for this one. I am unsure whether I will use them for the lattice quilt or use my own design - will have a play when the blocks have been made up

Here are the fabrics I chose (a half yard selection from Fabricworm - they put together the cutest mixed manufacturers selections!)

 Ready and cut into 9 1/2" squares (I did 3 sets):

And here's the cutting process

After 2 cuts
After 3 cuts
The first 9 blocks
I'm off to CHA (Craft & Hobby Association show) in LA on Friday - I really should be thinking about what to take, packing etc - but why do that when sewing calls????! My beloved is home on Wednesday - one more night and then I really must spend some quality time with him before jetting off!

We'll see what tomorrow brings xx


Anonymous said...

"why finish a quilt when you can start a new one?" -- this is pretty much my sewing motto. I'm trying to be better, but still, starting is more fun than finishing. :)

kjjc said...

Just finished scrolling though this. Wow. I am totally in awe. How do you do it all?Love the quilts and can't wait to win the raffle in March-lol

Kate said...

Those fabrics look great together!!