Thursday, 29 December 2011

A Lotta Blocks

These p(f)un titles just have to stop! I have now cut everything out ready to sew blocks together. I have made a good start tonight but am shattered & it's mum & dad's anniversary tomorrow & we have a busy day planned so enough is enough

Here's the progress so far (again - crappy almost midnight pictures but they're the best I can get in this light). This is not the final layout - it was just to give me an idea how it was all going to hang together.

I've used the block designs from Fresh Lemon Squares Lemon Quilt Tutorial. This is yet another I've had in my faves "to try" but hadn't. I decided that these would be the perfect fabrics to use for it. Hope I'm right!!

Over half way and I'm liking how it's coming you?