Friday, 30 December 2011

The blocks are done!

Okay the blocks are now done and laid out on the lounge floor

First layout - not quite right
Getting better but too many similar blocks together on the bottom two rows
Probably what I'm settling on - having  a think!
Do any of you do this? Lay out your blocks and take pictures? I've sewn blocks together in the past and only when they are quilted have I seen how I would probably have done it a little differently. This time, I am photographing and pondering - I find a picture on my laptop screen so much easier to see glaring "errors" than looking at the blocks on the floor

Not sure if I have the energy to trim & sew together tonight but would very much like to get this stitched together before the New Year - we have friends over tomorrow night with their daughter so if it's not done tonight it will be next year

We'll see................


Kristi said...

so pretty

Flying Blind... said...

Beautiful -and yes, thank goodness for digital photos!