Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Drawstring Bags

I can usually work out most things. But drawstring bags had me completely stumped. I botched a couple for the kids at nursery to take their PE kit in but wasn't entirely happy. Then the other day on Pinterest I came across a tutorial I thought I should try. With my sewing bug well and truly en force (and not a lot of time to feed it), it seemed like the ideal project.

It came together really easily and I cut into 3 FQ's from my stash *gulp* (I couldn't quite bring myself to use some for the handles and opted for the easier choice of twill tape). I shall keep trying little projects like this to try and get over my fear of using my stock piles. I so want to be more like Lynz who buys with a project in mind. It is just too hard for me to resist those pretties (particularly when it's sale time!!!) And I don't think I'm brave enough to pledge a New Year's Resolution to use more than I buy as Hadley did but I will certainly try that..............maybe....................!!!

1 comment:

Flying Blind... said...

That actuallly means I won't be able to sleep, ever, as I'll be needing to make a quilt a day!

Love the bag, glad you got your tape x