Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Hello Kitty Christmas!

Hello Kitty Strip quilt measuring approx 44" x 60"
There are two beautiful and very important little girls in my life - my daughter and my BFF's daughter. Both of them (thanks to the latter........) are Hello Kitty obsessed. Whilst in NYC last week, we nipped into Forever 21 (one of our fave cheapy clothes shops in the States - always a clothing bargain to be had - always $24.80, it would seem!). Anyway, we noticed in Chicago in the summer that they have a fair few Kitty bits & I bought some pocket tissues there which went down well & have been in my handbag throughout the recent months. So, I stocked up again ready for a serious amount of making when I got back with the fabulous Hello Kitty half yard stack I purchased from Fabricworm a few months ago

So, I made them each a strip quilt

Oops! Hadn't noticed my foot sneaking in that picture!
I used a simple white cotton on the back with a strip of fabulous Fairy fabric I purchased in the sale (I forget where from & haven't looked at who it's by - sorry) and good ole dotty Michael Millar for the binding - can't beat a bit of polka!

To go with the quilts, I also made them each a little sock monkey (using Hello Kitty socks, of course! These were picked up from M&S)

And a little Buttercup Bag (free pattern picked up a couple of years ago from Made by Rae)

I still have enough fabric left for a pillow for them each - it was my intention to make these for their presents too but time has been against me and I am starting with another cold *joy* so those may just have to wait for their birthdays or Easter, maybe?

My sewing machine is back up and running after it's little séjourne at my local machine shop for a little TLC - turned out the bobbin case had worked it's way loose from it's screws & that was the reason it was spinning wildly if I went more than quarter speed & broke 2 packets of needles in an evening before totally giving up!

So, my needle is on fire and lots of bits & pieces are being made for Christmas - how about you? Are you more organised than me? Is everything made, wrapped & ready or are you a last minute gal? No matter how hard I try, I am always to the wire!


Flying Blind... said...

Great makes - can't stop by too long, it's panic-central here! xxx

Lynz said...

I can't choose what I love the most! I must try a strip quilt, I love how they look but your sock monkeys are just fantastic! The girls will adore the whole lot.