Monday, 26 December 2011

A bit of playing

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas? I had itchy fingers on the eve of Christmas Eve. My father in law arrived from Northern Ireland for the Christmas break and once he and Ross had retired to their respective beds for the evening, I couldn't settle. So, I grabbed my scraps box (the blue & red of which are handily kept in a chest here in the lounge rather than next door in my craft room which is next to our spare room) and dug out this tutorial which has been sitting in my favourites for some time and had a play

And do you know, all (even the lining) is from scraps? I am rather in love with it and am sure that I will be making more - it came together rather quickly (although the seam ripper did come out once when I realised that I'd sewn one of the internal pieces upside down which meant that I couldn't put cards or lip balm in the pockets created *d'oh!*)

However,  I need to stop worrying about using little scraps of fabric and start using the fabric mountain I am disappearing under!! I fall in love with fabrics, buy them and then can't use them - does anyone else suffer from this affliction? I love it when I do use a stack of fabrics - see the Lou Lou Thi post or the Hello Kitty items I made but I simply don't do this enough! I also feel that I must save all fabrics for quilts instead of making cute little items like this and the iPad case I've been promising myself forever! Watch this space......


Flying Blind... said...

I love Ayumi's wristlet pattern - you made a good one!
My new year's resolution will be to 'use' more fabric than I 'buy' - that's got to work eh!?

Lynz said...

That wristlet is adorable!! I am guilty of not wanting to split FQ bundles to make smaller things but did break into my Denyse Schmidt picnics pile for a Christmas present (placemats and napkins for my Mum) since I had no plan for the fabrics. She was thrilled and I have loads left - totally enough for a quilt so I'm trying to do this more. Although I rarely buy fabric without a purpose - a nice habit to have!