Saturday, 9 July 2011

A month already!

Wow how time flies! I've had a busy sewing month and a super busy work month. Work-wise, we've had a huge Summer Sale running which has kept us rushed off our feet(!!)

Sewing-wise, I became a little obsessed with making Amelia dresses (she now has 4 from that same pattern) and a fifth is cut out. I have also made them for two friends little girls - Sophie and Penny but completely forgot to take pictures of them - I'm such a bad blogger!

 I have also started a quilt for Amelia using a block I created myself using Kate's "stack & slash" method. It's going to be a long slow process but I'm enjoying having a go when I can.

Finally, I've been making pencil cases galore!

The twins had their 4th birthday mid June & we had a little party with their cousins on the Friday at the local soft play centre followed by pottery painting & McDonalds with Penny & Sophie on the Saturday. I made them all pencil cases (including the twins) with felt tip pens, mini colouring books & chocolate bars for their party bags. They were well received (which was good) and here they are:

Initials on these for my nephews

For the girls - cute felt flowers stab stitched with a silver heart bead in the middle

All four of these were made using Osnaburg - I just love the textures & naturalness of this fabric (is that even a word???!)

I've since made another 3 for parties the kids are going to in the coming weeks. We had a last minute invite to another party tomorrow so that's another one to make to replace the one I'm pinching from next weekend's party!

I've also made the girls' cards - boys I struggle a little more with but I do have a few ideas

These were the two I settled on - like the doilies? We got those in stock yesterday - cute, huh?

I saw a card based on this sort of idea whilst blog hopping - sorry - can't remember the blog now - but decided once it was made up that it was probably a little too "mature" for a 4 year old girl so am keeping it for another birthday

 I've also finished quilting the picnic rug and chosen the binding fabric. Just need to get that sewn on and hand stitched to finish.

Oh and I'm off to Chicago a week today for CHA (Craft & Hobby Association - a huge buying trip for us plus a bit of r&r time for Lianne & I) - can't wait!!

In the meantime, the VAT returns are calling *joy*


Flying Blind... said...

I love those pencil cases and I know my twins would love them too! Great cards xx

Nat said...

Cor, where do you find the time Sarah?! ;) The pencil cases are gorgeous :) Lovely idea to use them as party bags too! xxx