Wednesday, 27 July 2011

It's a Modern Affair

Chicago last week was amazing. The show seemed a little smaller than usual but the products did not disappoint and the plastic has been well and truly flexed! The weather was almost unbearable as they see a huge heatwave over there - the temperature was around 100 every day and the humidity almost unbearable. However, we survived and have returned batteries recharged & ready to go!

I was itching to stitch when I came back, so after the jetlag calmed down, I found time yesterday evening to pull out some of my "put away for best" fabrics from Pat Bravo's "Modern Affair" range (I've gone with the oranges, greens & greys, leaving the blues for another day) and made a start cutting out 3 1/2" squares to make a quilt using Lily's fabulous LynneBobSquarepants block (quite an apt block to start making, seeing as my two have just "discovered" Spongebob and are mildly obsessed

This is where I was at last night - further progress has been made today with the first block having been stitched & further HST's stitched ready for the next couple of blocks. It was only when I started to trim the HST's ready to do the layout below, I seemed to vaguely recall how much I hated HST's at the end of the Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow quilt. Hey ho - I love the finished result so am sure it will be the same again this time (although last time I was working with larger squares on a smaller quilt - go figure!)

The trimming shards - boy, how time consuming is that?

The layout of the finished block (which is now together)
I have also pieced a back for the Joel Dewberry quilt - once it's sandwiched I shall take a pic (if I remember & the weather holds!). Which reminds me - we had a wasps nest in the back garden under the decking of the kids' playhouse just before I went away. A fabulous pest guy came & injected it but it looks like he didn't get the lot as I saw quite a few wasps scurrying down there again today - must call tomorrow to see if he can come back. What a pain!


Lynz said...

Your block looks fabulous!! That's one of my favourite patterns but I'm with you on the HST trimming! Time consuming but oh, so worth it!

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Hurray, this looks wonderful - are you on Flickr? I'd love you to add this to my Flickr group - how big is this BTW - I love that you are doing a BIG version! My kids love SBSP too!