Friday, 29 July 2011

Going Solo

My first quilt was this one by Kate Conklin - I fell in love with the pattern & had to make it there and then! Some fabrics were purchased from Seamstar and the rest were Amy Butler from John Lewis.  I love Kate's stack & slash method and wanted to replicate it in a quilt design all of my own. So I set about designing 3 blocks which would end up 12 1/2" square. And here they are............

I'm now starting to think that they should have been designed to finish 24" square - I think this quilt is going to take me a loooooooooooooooooong time! I do like the fabrics, though (Amy Butler again - Soul Blossoms this time). I saw Amelia's version of Kate's pattern without sashing and absolutely loved the idea.........however now that I have started making the blocks I am wondering whether I should sash and whether it should be interspersed with some white squares. I'll keep making at some point and see how it pans out. It is fun trying to come up with a new*ish* design.

I have far too many Works in Progress now - does anyone else find that? I am trying to back some of the quilt fronts I've made but keep seeing new ideas or getting new ideas and want to try something new. I wonder if that feeling will ever die.


Flying Blind... said...

This is looking lovely so far - I like a lot of white, BUT it brings the twins out in 'chocolate fingers' and my son in any other grubby mess as he can muster!

Take your time and make it perfect xx

Lynz said...

I have flurries of starting new tops without having finished the last quilt. I did it in the spring and a few months ago promised myself I wouldn't start any more until my WIP count dropped. I've only 3 left (and one is a long term string quilt) and I feel much happier now about starting whatever takes my fancy!

That pink is gorgeous. Hadley's right, take your time and the answer will come, grasshopper. *g*