Thursday, 28 July 2011

HST Quilt - Joel Dewberry

As promised I managed to hurridly baste the quilt to the back so that I could show it off here - I had 25 minutes before going to collect the twins from pre-school and thought I would challenge myself to get it done...............and I did! Just! I use spray baste 505 in a can (by ODIF) and it is absolutely the best thing to use for basting quilts (my good friend Julie, who taught me everything about quilting, told me this and she is so right!) After all, why spend hrs pushing pins through and taking pins out, when a spray will do the job just as well?

So once I had the kids, we quickly went out into the garden to take some pics. James was so excited to see another quilt being pinned to the line and immediately knew he had to go and get his camera "wait for me mummy" he squealed. He kept saying "it looks gorgeous". He's such a character!

You can just see the edge of Amelia's dress, who was trying to get in on the photographing action too
And here is the back of the quilt - just a simple zig zag which I carefully matched up to the front when basting. It was only when I took it outside that I realised I have used different whites for between the zig zags and the body of the quilt. Hopefully once quilted it won't notice as much. I hadn't noticed it inside - it must just be in the cold light of day. Hey ho - I like to use my scraps up

 I still can't decide whether to hand quilt or machine quilt - any ideas?


Flying Blind... said...

Great quilt - all three of mine have those cameras- it takes FOREVER to go anywhere if photos are required!!

I have never attempted hand quilting (yet), so probably not the best person to answer xx

Thimbelina said...

It's gorgeous... I have this one on my to-do list as well. Can't wait to get it done now!
As for basting quilts, I find double sided iron on wadding works really well too...and less messy than spray! :)

Angelfish said...

What a gorgeous quilt:) I love the pencil cases in an earlier post too. I must get over my hatred of zips and make some. I'm glad you liked the links I posted today, there are more sewing ones on July 15th x

waggonswest said...

This is a beautiful quilt. I really like the way you pieced the back.