Sunday, 10 April 2011


A month or so ago, I took a trip to our local furniture charity shop & came away £70 lighter and waiting on a bookshelf delivery. It wasn't particularly my type of piece of furniture - it was antique pine with fairly ornate handles on the bottom two drawers. But it was the perfect size for the space we had in the kids playroom (the dining room as was). It's been sitting there ever since, covered in lego constructions, toys & some of my quilting mags & books. I had intended on having a go at it yesterday as the weather was nice and we had an unexpected "kid free" day. However, I had my sensible head on and Tax Returns *bleugh* won.

This morning, however, I cooked the kids breakfast, DH returned from his early morning cycle ride & I declared that I was going to paint it. I think sometimes when we vocalise our thoughts, it makes it more real and there is no going back! So, DH kindly sorted dust sheets, brushes, paint & a roller & I chose a sunny position in the garden & started to paint. J&A were very keen to get in on the action but a bit of gentle persuasion from mummy & daddy saw them cleaning the barbeque, watering plants & generally helping without actually getting in on the action

4 hours later and a trip to a local DIY shop for new handles & it's finished. And I have to say I am rather pleased with myself

I can't say that I actually enjoy painting furniture but I do enjoy the effect of it. So, I think it's pretty safe to say that this will not be the last piece of painted furniture in our house. Oh, and I used the same paint as that used on the twins' table & chairs set so it all matches rather nicely

Hope you are enjoying the sun this weekend xxx


Lynz said...

I'm totally with you on it being a bit rubbish doing the actual painting but worth the end result! My favourite kitchen dresser was antique pine (inherited from my Mum) and painting it white was the best thing I ever did. Well, painting-wise at least. *g*

Nat said...

It's totally gorgeous and well worth all your effort! I'm hoping to do lots of the same when Mr T and I get a place - I love the look :) xxx