Thursday, 21 April 2011


Am still happily making blocks with my Tulla Pink "Parisville" jelly roll but am getting towards the end now & starting to think about the layout of the quilt...........

This is the "positive/negative" layout

This is the "strips" layout
I think I'm leaning towards the postive/negative layout or I may even try completely random - what do you think?

I have some time to ponder - we are taking a family break on Monday to a  holiday camp with Lianne & her family - I can't wait - the kids are going to L - O - V - E (!!!!!) it. And I have to say, if the weather stays as it is, it could well be the best decision we made

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Lynz said...

I like the positive/negative, too. My picnic quilt is like this and it's really effective. Have a lovely few days away!!!