Friday, 24 February 2012

I'm Back! And I've been a little Mouthy

It took a wee while to get over the jetlag from LA (which was a-maz-ing, by the way!!) and work, as always, has been mega busy, leaving me little energy to sew.

However, I had my commitment to the Mouthy Stitches swap and was looking forward to completing my task ready for posting day tomorrow.

 The front, which I designed myself (go me!) using a paper foundation. It looks a little wonky - no matter how I try, I can't get a good pic
 Here is the reverse - some of the fabrics used on the front as blocks
 The front and lining - love this green!
 Another shot of the back
 The back, showing the lining fabric
 A super wonky pic of the front(!!)

This pouch will be sent off tomorrow to it's recipient. I really hope they like it. After a little stalking to find out her likes & dislikes, I went for jewel tone colours with a green lining (which would seem to be her favourite colour and I have to say is an excellent choice, seeing as it is mine too!). I used Osnaburg as the main fabric

So now to choose a FQ of "scraps" to send with the pouch and it will be ready.

Whilst in LA, as mentioned, I did get to make a trip to Sew Modern & my credit card took a fair bashing so I must get on with the sewing now - my fabric stash is becoming more & more of a mountain and I am starting to panic about just how much I have!!! It can sometimes be a little overwhelming, can't it?


Diane-crewe said...

LOVE the bag you made xx I sometimes look at my stash and get palpitations ...I wonder WHY I bought it all! Never mind WHEN I managed to accumulate so much! But then I think...hey ho Ill use most of it ....sometime xx Have fun with your purchases x

Pooch said...

Glad your back! You should organise a sewing retreat you know.......

Flying Blind... said...

There is no need to panic about the fabric you have (unless you have absolutely no food left in the house!).

I love the pouch xxx