Thursday, 23 December 2010

Pot Holders

I have seen these popping up on blogs all over the net this season & thought they would be a great idea for Christmas presents. As mentioned in the previous post, some have been made for my sister's mother in law. I showed them to mum & she said "you should make some for yourself" so I did!

And a picture showing the reverse with cute hanging tabs:

What I love about pot holders is how great they are for scrapbusting and also for trying out new techniques. The quilting pattern is new to me (have only hand quilted or stippled so far) as are the blocks used to make these pot holders. I've really wanted to try a string quilt for a while now but have been very nervous to try it. Scaling it down & trying on these has shown me that I can do it (I will make the white strips much smaller if I do make one though!)

I have a glut of off cuts of batting as I tend to buy the pre-cut packs of Warm & White/Warm & Natural. These have made a tiny dent in this glut - I used a layer of batting & a layer of Insulbright on each. I definitely intend making more - maybe a different colourway for each season - whaddya think?

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