Monday, 1 April 2013

A Charity Quilt

It's that time of year again.  Our Retreat was a couple of weeks ago (this was, infact, our last Retreat for a while - it's just too much work for two with a  busy shop & growing families)

This year we chose to raise funds for Millie's Trust, whose aim is to provide First Aid training for everyone - a very worthy cause, we thought

I made this quilt and am pleased to report that the quilt alone raised over £150. We had a couple of other things going on so a cheque will be drawn for more than that for the charity.

And here is the quilt:

The front - used some Pat Bravo (I think??) Fat Quarters I had bought as a stack - there was plenty for the front plus the scrappy binding

I used good old IKEA fabric for the back - I think this script print goes perfectly with the front
It went together pretty easily - I used HST's to make the chevron pattern. Fun to do & a pattern I will probably go back to at some point
I am busy finishing off projects I've had going for a lifetime. I was pleased to have finished my Easter cushion in time for this Easter and the table mat is almost there - just need to get the machine out to do the tongues..................

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter - who knows - I may even get time to blog a little more now. Time will tell!


Flying Blind... said...

Lovely quilt - well done on the fun raising.
You can't beat that IKEA print eh!?

Flying Blind... said...

Fun raising??? Fund raising!

Clair said...

I think that's Michael millers 'Sanctury' on the front. Looks lovely!