Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A cushion!

I have been meaning to try a cushion cover for ages - last time I went for some cushion forms, I chickened out and bought the covers from the shop. This time, with my fabulous  new chair, I decided I should treat it to it's very own handmade, quilted cushion

I am really pleased with the way it came out. The reverse was quilted with random straight lines (something I enjoyed and shall be doing again) and the front using a walking foot around the edges of the pattern.

Created using a lynnebobsquarepants block again with 3 1/2" HST blocks. I rather like it!


Catherine said...

Gorgeous, love the random quilting on the back! And your new chair.

Ifa said...

Ooh, gorgeous button-backed. Fab cushion for a fab chair! I must look for a chair like this to upholster next.

Flying Blind... said...

That is a mighty fine chair, deserving that lovely cushion and a snuggly quilt xx