Thursday, 2 June 2011

Another dress................

I couldn't resist having another go with this pattern, with my own fabrics this time. It was easier using cotton rather than velvet for the yoke and trims. It was also very annoying when I realised that I hadn't cut the fabric very economically, not leaving enough for the back, meaning I had to piece it. It worked, though. And Amelia is very pleased with it, which is  a relief.

So this is her, wearing her dress before going off to nursery yesterday morning. She and James both dress themselves, choosing their own clothes (which is great 99% of the time). Today, unusually for her, she wanted sleeves, so we  added a long sleeve tee underneath

And here is what happens when you ask a 3 year old to model new clothes for you:

They really just don't like to stand still for the camera! Oh and yes, they are ankle socks she insists on heaving up to her knees every morning. Loving the on up one down look, Amelia


Rachael Elliott said...

Wow that is gorgeous Sarah!

jennifer said...

This dress is so pretty! I really want to make a dress for my 3 year old but i have so many other crafts that tend to come first. It's daunting thinking about starting a whole dress, scrapbook pages are so much easier. You've done a fabulous job, I bet she'll choose to wear it often! x

P.S. have you seen my giveaway?:

Gems said...

That is beautiful Sarah :) And Amelia is just gorgeous! xx

nikki said...

beautiful - love the fabric and your daughter is gorgeous - where is the pattern for the dress from? - am tempted to give it a go - have some fab owl fabric

Kirsty Wiseman said...

I cannot believe:

A: how long her hair has got
B: How she is your TOTES mini me!
C: How big she has got.

Wow - such a beautifl girl x